India Urban Conference

The India Urban Conference: Evidence and Experience (IUC) covers the India segments of a series of international conferences on Urban India. The first conference was an academic conference on urban India in late April 2011 in New Haven, USA, organized by the South Asian Studies Council at Yale University, in partnership with the Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy (JCCD).
As a counterpart to the Yale conference, the IUC in India, in November 2011, will incorporate the practitioner perspective in Mysore (17-20 November, 2011) and present focused discussions for policy impact in Delhi (22 November, 2011). Organizers of IUC are JCCD and the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS), in partnership with the South Asian Studies Council at Yale University.
IUC will engage a variety of stakeholders to identify some of the research themes of greatest importance to urbanizing India and create a foundation for accelerating action-oriented research on these topics. The Mysore part of IUC will engage a large group of urban stakeholders including academics, policymakers, private sector, urban movements, organizations and associations, students and citizens in examining ways in which research can inform and enable urban policy and practice. The Delhi part of IUC will focus on creating a foundation for evidence-based national policies and responsive governance institutions to support urbanization. It aims to highlight the increasing political consensus that cities and urbanization are important as well as discuss creative solutions for resolving some of the governance and policy implementation gaps that must be addressed in advance of, and parallel to, the XII Plan.