Themes, Sessions and Context Anchors

IUC’s success depends critically upon Context Anchors (CA’s). Each theme is coordinated by one Context Anchor who has earned expertise in the related areas. CA’s to do the following: Define the critical topics within respective themes and network with relevant academics, civil society, and other stakeholders working on that theme to engage them both in the IUC and in the identification and analysis of urban issues. The CA’s, in collaboration with their network, would identify research questions of relevance for their theme and developing enquiry tools, methodology, and reporting guidelines that a broad group of stakeholders could contribute to. Selected participants would run the evidence generation exercise in advance of the Mysore Session.
Theme Context Anchor

Land and Infrastructure

Urban Water

Urban Education

Urban Health

City in Public Culture

Urban Governance and Citizenship

Financial Inclusion and the Urban Economy

Urban Expansions

Indian Institute for Human Settlements






IFMR Trust


IIHS is an education and action-oriented research institution mainly focused on the issues related to urbanization. IIHS carries interdisciplinary academic programs and research pertinent to the on-going challenges of Urbanization in India. Jessica Seddon
Arghyam is a charitable foundation, working in the water and sanitation sector since 2005. Arghyam's key initiatives include Project Grants, Communications & Advocacy, the India Water Portal and the Urban Water Initiative. The Research and Development team and the Technology team provide specialized support to the organizations core efforts. Sunita Nadhamuni (
Habeeb Noor (
Pratham, a non governmental organization, seeks to provide quality education to underprivileged children in India. Pratham operates a range of programs that reach millions of children in both urban and rural India. ASER Centre is an independent assessment and research unit within the Pratham network. Suman Bhattacharjea
The Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), a public private partnership to redress the limited institutional capacity in India for strengthening training, research and policy development in the area of Public Health. PHFI adopts a broad, integrative approach to public health, tailoring its endeavours to Indian conditions and bearing relevance to countries facing similar challenges and concerns. Dr. Priya Balasubramaniam
DRONAH takes up the historic research, documentation and conservation of built heritage with the help of the community. The organization also promotes local arts and crafts, encourages use of indigenous construction materials and techniques by counselling and educating the community in building and preserving its natural and cultural heritage. Parul Munjal
JCCD is a non-profit organization that engages in advocacy to improve the quality of life in India's cities, by working with citizens and government. The two quality of life indicators are quality of infrastructure and services and quality of citizenship. Unna V Govindarajan
IFMR Finance Foundation is a not-for-profit company working towards ensuring that every individual and every enterprise has complete access to financial services. We identify gaps in the Indian financial system that inhibit the delivery of complete financial services. Through a mix of research, advocacy and specific interventions, we seek to shape the design of a stable financial system that truly promotes financial inclusion. Anand Sahasranaman
India Urban Space Foundation is a partner program of Janaagraha. It makes urban and spatial planning central to the transformation of Urban India, leading economic, political and social change through it.

The School of Planning and Architecture is a specialized University, only one of its kind, which exclusively provides training at various levels, in different aspects of human habitat and environment.

Neelima Risbud